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Cari Rez (Rezeict) Lobo
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
★Hello everyone★
I'm Cari Rez Lobo! Friends from dA know me as Loba and my friends from Second Life know me as Rezeict.
I'm a brazilian 22 years biologist at UNICAMP.
Don't be afraid to talk to me -lol- I like meeting new people!
★I will support your art★
Yes, I'm brazilian, however that doesn't mean I'm one of those BR >3>
Birthday: May/26; I'm gemini!
Gender: pangender.
Pronouns: they/them/their or he/him/his.
Orientation: pansexual.


"The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff."
― Carl Sagan, Cosmos

"I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe, hmmm.
... attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I've watched C Beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.
All those moments, will be lost in time like tears in rain..."
["... time to die ..."]

Thank you very much for checking out my deviantART page! Please take a look at my userpages at other websites if you wish to.

Facebook | Furaffinity | Tumblr1 | Tumblr2 | Pixiv | Twitter

Collab Commissions (US$ 9) are CLOSED!
Pixelated Chibi Commissions are CLOSED!



2016 Birthday Gift to Carolzilla by Cari-Rez-Lobo
2016 Birthday Gift to Carolzilla
Dearest :iconcarolzilla:, for your 2016 birthday gift, I've made a 3D mesh model of your logo using Blender <3
This really took me a lot of work and time. All because I really love you, my friend ^_^ and I want you to have the best gifts!
You can find this logo at your store at Second Life~ I also placed it at my store :3
I will send the blender file to you, so you can do whatever you want to it /o/ I will also try to edit it to print using a 3D printer 8D but I don't know how to do it :V
Sorry for not posting this on the day of your birthday !
Pixelated Imperial Busts Adopts (Flight Rising)
These are adoptables that I've drawn of Flight Rising's dragon breed called Imperial :3
I'm selling these at my adopts shop at Flight Rising:…

Here is the tumblr where I'm posting all of these drawings:

Base price: 40,000 treasure / 53 gems / 0,72 USD (unlocked stuff included)
Second Life *R!* FREE FANART / Interstellar Robots by Cari-Rez-Lobo
Second Life *R!* FREE FANART / Interstellar Robots…

*ReZ !t* FREE FANART / Interstellar Marine Robots TARS, CASE & KIPP is a pack of unrigged mesh models of the three robots from the film Interstellar (2014), directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Lynda Obst. TARS, CASE and KIPP belong to their respective owners. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This is simply a fanart and it's free.

18 different versions of the mesh model: TARS, CASE and KIPP versions, each with 6 different pose versions (straight, crutch, biped, cross, wheel spin and laying down). 
Normal maps and specular maps. 
Land impact with root prim: 4. Land impact without root prim: 3. 
High LOD (level of detail). 
Very good physics. 
Height: 2 meters, but can be manually resized. 
Permissions: modify / copy.

--->In this product, you will find: 
-Interstellar TARS / straight mode 
-Interstellar TARS / crutch mode 
-Interstellar TARS / biped mode 
-Interstellar TARS / cross mode 
-Interstellar TARS / wheel spin mode 
-Interstellar TARS / laying down mode 
-Interstellar CASE / straight mode 
-Interstellar CASE / crutch mode 
-Interstellar CASE / biped mode 
-Interstellar CASE / cross mode 
-Interstellar CASE / wheel spin mode 
-Interstellar CASE / laying down mode 
-Interstellar KIPP / straight mode 
-Interstellar KIPP / crutch mode 
-Interstellar KIPP / biped mode 
-Interstellar KIPP / cross mode 
-Interstellar KIPP / wheel spin mode 
-Interstellar KIPP / laying down mode

--->The models have 6 prims + 1 root prim (invisible), but land impact is 4. If you link the models to other mesh, land impact may decrease! If you won't need the root prim anymore, you can unlink it and land impact will be 3!

--->The models have materials (normal maps and specular maps) and they look much better if you view them.

--->In order to view materials, you have to enable Advanced Lightning Model in the Graphics settings. Preferences > Graphics > General > Advanced Lightning Model.

--->Any updates on this product will be free for anyone who bought it before.

--->If you can create scripts that animates these robots, please contact me :3

*R!* Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono (human legs) by Cari-Rez-Lobo
*R!* Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono (human legs)…

*ReZ !t* Sci-fi stockings are textures for the human legs of the <UTILIZATOR> Kemono avatar. The pack includes 10 different colors of the stockings and 1 specular map texture. Colors available: black, white, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow and orange.

Requires modding to use.

If you can’t view materials, it’s okay, because the stockings also look nice without materials.

—>In this product, you will find: 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // BLACK // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // WHITE // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // RED // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // PINK // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // PURPLE // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // BLUE // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // CYAN // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // GREEN // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // YELLOW // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // ORANGE // human legs 
-Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // SPECULAR MAP // human legs

—>The textures included only work on <UTILIZATOR> Kemono avatar, which you can buy at:…

You can use these textures on the stockings included in body mods of the Kemono, such as the [BI] Hella Hips.

The textures are only for the human legs! They are not for the animal legs!

—>To apply the textures to the stockings, you first need to find somewhere to put the stockings on the ground; a sandbox, for example. After putting the stockings on the ground, open your inventory, find the texture you want to use, left-click the texture, hold the button, and drag the texture directly to the stockings on the ground. The selected texture will appear on the stockings. OR you can just drag the texture into the Texture slot at the Texture tab in the Edit mode while in Texture (diffuse) option. Set the Alpha mode to Alpha blending.

—>To apply the specular map (Sci-fi Stockings // Kemono // specular map // human legs), you will have to enter Edit mode > go to Texture tab > change the option from Texture (diffuse) to the option Shininess (specular) > drag the provided specular map into the Texture slot while in Shininess (specular) mode.

—>in Shininess (specular) mode, you can also edit the Glossiness value from 51 to another value you would prefer. I think 80 looks good.

—>Any updates on this product will be free for anyone who bought it before.

// Rezeict Jecies

Uploaded in 01/06/2016


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